Great Tool with sample code, but 2 sample output files failed to create succesfully

Sep 15 at 11:41 AM

First of all: I was amazed how well this sample tool works out of the box, thank you for all the samples and work!

But... I've run the tool in VS2017 with Open XML format SDK 2.0 (2.0.5022.0) and 2 documents failed to open after creation: Test_Template3_Out.docx & FinalReport.docx.
When I open the documents in Word 2016 (16.0.4549.1000);
The error message was: "We're sorry, We can't open ... because we found a problem with its contents"
Test_Template3_Out.docx - No error available -> can not be opened.
FinalReport.docx - Unspecified error - Location: part: word/docuemnt.xml, Line:0, Column: 0 - opens after accepting to recover the contents prompt.

All available tips and hints are very welcome for me to investigate this issue, still finding my way around.

Many thx!
Best regards,